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dc.contributor.authorShckorbatov, Y. G.-
dc.contributor.authorZhuravleva, L. A.-
dc.contributor.authorNavrotskaya, V. V.-
dc.contributor.authorMiroshnichenko, E. V.-
dc.contributor.authorMontvid, P. Y.-
dc.contributor.authorShakhbazov, V. G.-
dc.contributor.authorSutushev, T. A.-
dc.identifier.citationChromatin structure and the state of human organism / Y. G. Shckorbatov, L. A. Zhuravleva, V. V. Navrotskaya, E. V. Miroshnichenko, P. Y. Montvid, V. G. Shakhbazov, T. A. Sutushev // Cell Biol. Int. - 2005. - No 29. - P. 77-81.-
dc.description.abstractThe state of chromatin in human buccal epithelium cell nuclei upon the influence of sport trainings was investigated. Chromatin state was evaluated in interphase buccal cell nuclei after orcein staining. The heterochromatin granule quantity (HGQ) was estimated in 30 nuclei per sample, and for every donor the mean HGQ value per 30 cells was determined. Donors of masculine sex, aged from 18 to 48 years performed training walks and samples of buccal epithelium were collected. Sportive charges induced the process of chromatin condensation in cell nuclei. After the period of repose (24—48 h) the HGQ decreased to control level therefore the process of chromatin decondensation was observed. The state of chromatin changes in connection with circadian rhythm. Chromatin became more condensed at nighttime and less condensed in the morning. Hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and hydrocortisone in vitro induced the increase of HGQ.en_US
dc.subjecthuman cellen_US
dc.subjectbuccal epitheliumen_US
dc.subjectsportive trainingen_US
dc.subjectcircadian rhythmen_US
dc.titleChromatin structure and the state of human organismen_US
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