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Title: Neuroprotective activity of 2-methyl-3-phenylamino¬methylquinolin-4-one in experimental traumatic brain injury in rats
Authors: Podolsky, I. M.
Shtrygol, S. Yu.
Подольський, І. М.
Подольский, И. Н.
Штриголь, С. Ю.
Штрыголь, С. Ю.
Keywords: 2-methyl-3-phenylaminomethylquinolin-4-one;neuroprotective activity;traumatic brain injury;antidepressant;behavioral tests
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Podolsky, I. M. Neuroprotective activity of 2-methyl-3-phenylamino-methylquinolin-4-one in experimental traumatic brain injury in rats / I. M. Podolsky, S. Yu. Shtrygol // Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research. – 2015. – Vol. 7 (4). – P. 518-524.
Abstract: This research was undertaken to investigate neuroprotective effects of novel antidepressant atristamine (2-methyl-3-phenylaminomethylquinolin-4-one) on brain damage after traumatic brain injury (TBI) in rats. It has been shown that treatment with atristamine (100 mg/kg) has protective effects against TBI. This has been demonstrated by attenuated neurological deficit by McGraw scale, improved indicators of orientational-exploratory activities and emotional reactions in open field test, enhanced muscle tone and coordination of movements in vertical screen test, reduced level of anxiety in elevated plus maze. Also researched substance had positive impact on cognitive functions in extrapolation escape task and did not impair physical endurance in weight-loaded forced swimming test. Atristamine showed significant antidepressant activity in forced swimming test, confirming his competence as an antidepressant in pathological state. It has been disclosed that atristamine did not improve the conditions of experimental animals in the model of bilateral common carotid artery occlusion. Thus, the results prove that atristamine exhibits neuroprotective activity against TBI, which, in conjunction with high antidepressant activity, could extend application in clinical practice.
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