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Title: Justification for the choice of excipients of in-jectable Solution Based on Essential Phospholipids
Authors: Borshchevsky, G. I.
Yarnykh, T. G.
Борщевський, Г. І.
Борщевский, Г. И.
Ярных, Т. Г.
Ярних, Т. Г.
Keywords: excipients;injectable solution;essential phospholipids;quality attributes;liposomes
Issue Date: 2015
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Borshchevsky, G. I. Justification for the сhoice of еxcipients of in-jectable solution based on essential phospholipids / G. I. Borshchevsky, T. G. Yarnykh. // Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. – 2015. – Vol. 9, № 1. - P. 119-122.
Abstract: The article addresses the justification for the choice of excipients of injectable solution based on essential phospholipids. The main physicochemical and microbiological quality attributes of the liposomal product Lesfal are presented. It was demonstrated that they comply with the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine, European Pharmacopeia and the reference product
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