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Title: Market research R06A antihistamines for systemic use in Ukraine
Authors: Бондарєва, І. В.
Бондарева, И. В.
Bondarieva, I. V.
Малий, В. В.
Малый, В. В.
Malyi, V. V.
Тіманюк, І. В.
Тиманюк, И. В.
Timanyuk, I. V.
Рогуля, О. Ю.
Рогуля, О. Ю.
Rogulia, O. Yu.
Keywords: antihistamines;active substances;consumption volumes;systemic use
Issue Date: 2017
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Market research R06A antihistamines for systemic use in Ukraine / I. V. Bondarieva, V. V. Malyi, I. V. Timanyuk, O. Yu. Rogulia // The scientific heritage. – 2017. – №8 (8). – P.1. – P. 64–68.
Abstract: In the paper the analysis of the distribution R06A antihistamines for systemic use for ATC-classification has been conducted; the principal active substances, company-manufacturers and country-manufacturers of antihistamine drugs have been analyzed; a comparative analysis of the top list brands of antihistamines on sales volumes in monetary terms and in packages in 2015-2016 years has been conducted; the analysis of consumption volumes of antihistamines by using ATC / DDD – methodology has been conducted.
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