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Title: Laboratory note-book on Organic chemistry for foreign students of pharmaceutical faculty
Authors: Chernykh, V. P.
Shemchuk, L. A.
Kolesnikova, T. A.
Arzumanov, P. S.
Vlasov, S. V.
Boryak, L. I.
Starchikova, I. L.
Shemchuk, L. M.
Shpychak, T. V.
Boryak, L. I.
Goryachiy, V. D.
Orlenko, I. V.
Bryzytska, O. A.
Bylov, I. E.
Sytnik, K. M.
Vlasov, S. V.
Levashov, D. V.
Lega, D. A.
Redkin, R. G.
Черних, В. П.
Черных, В. П.
Шемчук, Л. А.
Колеснікова, Т. О.
Колесникова, Т. А.
Шемчук, Л. М.
Шпичак, Т. В.
Боряк, Л. И.
Боряк, Л. І.
Горячий, В. Д.
Орленко, І. В.
Орленко, И. В.
Старчикова, І. Л.
Старчикова, И. Л.
Бризицька, О. А.
Бризицкая, О. А.
Билов, І. Є.
Былов, И. Е.
Ситнік, К. М.
Власов, С. В.
Арзуманов, П. С.
Левашов, Д. В.
Лега, Д. О.
Лега, Д. А.
Редькін, Р. Г.
Редькин, Р. Г.
Issue Date: 2015
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Laboratory note-book on Organic chemistry for foreign students of pharmaceutical faculty / V. P. Chernykh, L. A. Shemchuk, T. A. Kolesnikova et al. – NUPh, 2015. – p. 56.
Abstract: Laboratory note-book on Organic chemistry for audience free work created at the Department of Organic Chemistry of the National University of Pharmacy and includes work on qualitative analysis classes of organic compounds and methods of organic synthesis, determination of physical constants of organic compounds. Laboratory note-book on Organic chemistry contains the practical part of the course of organic chemistry, according to the program of the course Organic Chemistry. It recommended for second year foreign students of pharmaceutical faculty.
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Наукові публікації В. П. Черних

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