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Title: The interaction between genes and environment
Authors: Asebane, S.
Burlaka, I. S.
Gazzavi-Rogozina, L. V.
Filiptsova, O. V.
Асебан, С.
Бурлака, И. С.
Газзави-Рогозина, Л. В.
Филипцова, О. В.
Асебан, С.
Бурлака, І. С.
Газзаві-Рогозіна, Л. В.
Філіпцова, О. В.
Keywords: environment;single-gene disorders;mutagens;DNA
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: НФаУ
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): The interaction between genes and environment / Soufiane Asebane, I. S. Burlaka, L. V. Gazzavi-Rogozina, O. V. Filiptsova // Topical issues of new drugs development : abstracts оf XXIV international scientific and practical conference of young scientists and student, April 20, 2017. - Kh., 2017. - Vol. 1. - P. 401.
Abstract: Most common diseases are a result of both your genes and your environment. Your environment can include personal choices, such as what foods you eat and how much you exercise, and external factors, such as stress, clean water, and air quality.
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