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Title: Scientific and theoretical justification for implementation of corporate codes in pharmaceutical institutions of Ukraine
Authors: Артюх, Т. А.
Артюх, Т. О.
Artyukh, T. O.
Keywords: рersonnel loyalty;corporate culture;pharmacy professional;adaptive management;chemist's shops
Issue Date: 2018
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Artyukh, T. O. Scientific and theoretical justification for implementation of corporate codes in pharmaceutical institutions of Ukraine / T. O. Artyukh // The Pharma Innovation Journal. - 2018. - 7 (3). - Р. 506-511.
Abstract: The authors of the article have conducted a comprehensive study of theoretical and methodological aspects of the relevance of implementation of the corporate code into the activity of a pharmaceutical institution as a tool of organizational culture management within the framework of adaptive personnel management and systematic substantiation of scientific approaches to the study of historical formation, the possibilities for the use and implementation of various types of corporate codes in pharmaceutical institutions of domestic pharmaceutical sector of health care industry of Ukraine. Modern methods of logical and typological grouping, analytical analysis and comparison, desk (traditional) analysis, questionnaires have been applied for scientific substantiation. The result of the study is a terminological definition of “Code” in order to define the content, the establishment of reserves for increase of the pharmacy professionals’ productivity, which arise due to the lack of attention to the standards of corporate codes in the mentioned organizations, that has been confirmed by experimental studies and analysis of the level of satisfaction of pharmacy professionals of the domestic pharmaceutical institutions with the prestige of their profession, management policy regarding a pharmacy/ chain, degree of involvement to the management of a pharmacy/chain, due to the desire to control, i.e. the degree of decentralization in the management and evaluation of the work of the executive management, possibility of career progression, professional advancement (career advancement, training, etc.) and improvement, growth and development of the personality.
ISSN: 2277-7695
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