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Title: Study of physical and chemical properties of solid dispersions of quercetin
Authors: Kovalevska, I. V.
Ruban, E. A.
Kutsenko, S. A.
Kutova, O. V.
Kovalenko, Sv. M.
Ковалевська, І. В.
Ковалевская, И. В.
Рубан, О. А.
Рубан, Е. А.
Куценко, C. A.
Кутова, О. В.
Коваленко, Св. Н.
Коваленко, Св. М.
Keywords: quercetin;polyvinylpyrrolidone;polyethylene oxide;β-cyclodextrin;solid dispersions;solubility;X-ray-phase and microscopic analysis
Issue Date: 2017
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Study of physical and chemical properties of solid dispersions of quercetin / I. V. Kovalevska, E. A. Ruban, S. A. Kutsenko, O. V. Kutova, Sv. M. Kovalenko // Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics. - 2017. - № 11 (4). - Р. 1-5.
Abstract: Increasing solubility of medicinal substances is a major problem in the pharmaceutical, since about 40% of produced pharmaceutical substances are poorly soluble, and of newly synthesized substances up to 60% have low solubility in water and aqueous solutions. For poorly soluble drugs the limiting stage of the absorption process is usually the rate of its dissolution, and therefore much attention is paid to development of ways to increase it. To solve this problem, a number of methods is used that can be conditionally divided into physical and chemical. In the article the results of solubility study of quercetin and its solid dispersions based on polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyethylene oxide, β-cyclodextrin obtained by melting with removal of solvent are presented. The results obtained suggest the possibility of quercetin polymorphic transformations in the composition of solid dispersions. Polymer effect on increasing the solubility of quercetin in the composition of the solid dispersions has been shown. Using physico-chemical methods of analysis change in the crystal structure of quercetin under the influence of high-molecular substances has been proved.
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