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dc.contributor.authorПетровська, Л. С.-
dc.contributor.authorБаранова, І. І.-
dc.contributor.authorБезпала, Ю. О.-
dc.contributor.authorКоваленко, С. М.-
dc.contributor.authorПетровская, Л. С.-
dc.contributor.authorБаранова, И. И.-
dc.contributor.authorБезпалая, Ю. А.-
dc.contributor.authorКоваленко, С. Н.-
dc.contributor.authorPetrovska, L. S.-
dc.contributor.authorBaranova, I. I.-
dc.contributor.authorBezpala, Yu. O.-
dc.contributor.authorKovalenko, S. M.-
dc.identifier.citationThe study of the foaming ability of magnesium laureth sulfate at different pH values / L. S. Petrovskaya, I. I. Baranova, Y. O. Bezpala, C. S. Kovalenko // Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics. - 2017. - № 11 (1). - Р. 187-191.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe aim of our work was to study the physicochemical properties of the surfactant to compare the foaming ability (foam number and foam stability) at different pH values as well as to conduct them icroscopic analysis of the massive foam of the samples with magnesium laureth sulfate.uk_UA
dc.subjectfoaming abilityuk_UA
dc.subjectfoam structureuk_UA
dc.subjectmagnesium laureth sulfateuk_UA
dc.subjectрН valueuk_UA
dc.subjectструктура пеныuk_UA
dc.subjectзначение рНuk_UA
dc.subjectструктура піниuk_UA
dc.subjectзначення рНuk_UA
dc.titleThe study of the foaming ability of magnesium laureth sulfate at different pH valuesuk_UA
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