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Title: The study of physicocochemical parameters of some detergents with the anionic nature
Authors: Петровська, Л. С.
Баранова, І. І.
Безпала, Ю. О.
Коваленко, С. М.
Петровская, Л. С.
Баранова, И. И.
Беспалая, Ю. А.
Коваленко, С. М.
Petrovska, L. S.
Baranova, I. I.
Bezpala, Yu. O.
Kovalenko, S. M.
Keywords: sodium myreth sulfate;sodium lauryl sarcosinate;foaming ability;рН value;foam structure;натрій мрій сульфат;лаурил-саркозинат натрію;здатність піни;значення рН;структура піни;сульфат натрия;сульфат натрия;лаурилсаркозинат натрия;способность пенообразования;значение рН;структура пены
Issue Date: 2017
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): The study of physicocochemical parameters of some detergents with the anionic nature / L. Petrovska, I. Baranova, Y. Bezpala, S. Kovalenko // International research journal of pharmacy. - 2017. - № 8 (2). - Р. 39-43.
Abstract: The physico-chemical parameters of etergents with the anionic nature, namely sodium myreth sulfate and sodium lauryl sarcosinate used most often when developing domestic foaming products for personal hygiene, at the cosmetic enterprises of Ukraine have been studied and analyzed. The indica-tors of the foaming ability (foam number, foam stability) of the test samples at different pH values, namely at the neutral pH (5.5 -6.0) and at the acid рН (3.5-4.0), have been determined and studied. The study of the foam structure at the pH intervals under research has been also conducted using the method of microphotography. According to the results of the study, the conclusion has been made that different pH values do not affect the foaming ability; however, they affect the foam structure.
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