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Title: Comparative characteristics of anti-depressant, anti-hypoxic action, and effect on the physical endurance of Scutellaria baicalensis drugs
Authors: Matviychuk, A. V.
Slipchenko, H. D.
Stoletov, Yu. V.
Belik, G. V.
Ruban, O. A.
Kutsenko, S. A.
Матвийчук, А. В.
Матвійчук, А. В.
Сліпченко, Г. Д.
Слипченко, Г. Д.
Столєтов, Ю. В.
Столетов, Ю. В.
Бєлік, Г. В.
Белик, Г. В.
Рубан, О. А.
Рубан, Е. А.
Куценко, С. А.
Keywords: Scutellaria baicalensis;anti-depressive action;physical endurance;anti-hypoxic activity
Issue Date: 2018
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Comparative characteristics of anti-depressant, anti-hypoxic action, and effect on the physical endurance of Scutellaria baicalensis drugs / A. V. Matviychuk, G. D. Slipchenko, Yu. V. Stoletov, G. V. Belik, O. A. Ruban, S. A. Kutsenko // Turk. J. Pharm. Sci. – 2018. – Vol. 15, №3. – P. 360–363.
Abstract: Objectives: The influence of original drugs from Scutellaria baicalensis (SB) Georgi (dry extract, powder of rhizomes and roots, tablets “Scutex” on the basis of the dry extract and capsules “Scutella”, which contain powder of rhizomes with roots) was studied on depressive behavior, physical endurance and anti-hypoxic activity in mice. Materials and Methods: The used dry extract SB (SBDE), powder of roots and rhizomes from SB (SBRP), tablets from dry extract of SB named “Scutex”, and hard gelatin capsules from the crushed root of SB named “Scutella” were obtained from National University of Pharmacy, Department of Industrial Technology of Drugs. In the experiment, 94 random-breed white male mice weighing 20-29 g were used and kept in standard sanitary and laboratory conditions. Results: The experiments revealed that SBDE had anti-depressant action. Powder from rhizomes and roots of SB and “Scutella” capsules had anti-hypoxic action. All test drugs showed no influence on the physical endurance of mice. These results suggest the possible use of SBDE as an anti-depressant drug, and rhizomes with roots and “Scutella” capsules as an anti-hypoxic remedy. Conclusion: SBDE at a dose 50 mg/kg shows anti-depressant activity that exceeds the activity of the comparison drug “Bilobil”. SBDE, SBRP, “Scutex” tablets and “Scutella” capsules do not affect the physical endurance of mice. SBDE at a dose 50 mg/kg and SBRP at a dose of 173 mg/ kg and 260 mg/kg exhibit anti-hypoxic activity. “Scutex” tablets show no anti-hypoxic action and “Scutella” capsules cause probable anti-hypoxic action that exceeds the effect of the reference drug “Bilobil”.
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