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Title: Distribution of CYP2B6 516G/T pharmacogenetically important polymorphism in the Ukrainian population
Authors: Filiptsova, O. V.
Kobets, M. M.
Kobets, J. M.
Naboka, O. I.
Koiro, O. O.
Ochkur, A. V.
Galiy, L. V.
Филипцова, О. В.
Філіпцова, О. В.
Кобець, М. М.
Кобец, М. Н.
Кобец, Ю. Н.
Кобець, Ю. М.
Набока, О. І.
Набока, О. И.
Очкур, А. В.
Очкур, О. В.
Галий, Л. В.
Галій, Л. В.
Keywords: CYP2B6 (516G/T) поліморфізм;Україна;популяція;CYP2B6 (516G/T) полиморфизм;Украина;популяция;CYP2B6 (516G/T) polymorphism;Ukraine;Population
Issue Date: 2018
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Distribution of CYP2B6 516G/T pharmacogenetically important polymorphism in the Ukrainian population / O. V. Filiptsova, M. M. Kobets, J. M. Kobets, O. I. Naboka, O. O. Koiro, A. V. Ochkur, L. V. Galiy // Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal. – 2018. – Vol. 26, № 5. – Р. 651–655.
Abstract: The CYP2B6 is one of the members of the cytochrome P450 superfamily. This enzyme metabolizes a number of currently prescribed drugs and different compounds. In light of clinical significance of the CYP2B6⁄6variant of theCYP2B6gene, the aim of this study was to investigate the distribution of one of the gene polymorphisms, namely, the516G/Tin the Ukrainian population. The study cohort consisted of 102 healthy Ukrainian adults (48 males, 54 females). Genotyping of the CYP2B6 (rs3745274) polymorphism in the study subjects was carried out using a polymerase chain reaction. The following distribution of516G/T CYP2B6genotypes in the Ukrainian cohort was identified:GG–in 56%,GT– in 37% andTT– in 7%. The516G/Tallele frequency of theCYP2B6gene in population waspG =0.75 andqT= 0.25, respectively. The population-based sequences were analyzed by the Hardy-Weinberg method. The genetic polymorphism revealed in the Ukrainian population suggests the516G/Tpolymorphism of theCYP2B6genetic testing when prescribing the drugs that are substrates of this gene.
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