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Title: Improvement of technology and biopharmaceutical research of extemporal ointments
Other Titles: Удосконалення технології і біофармацевтичні дослідження екстемпоральної мазі
Authors: Dankevych, O. S.
Orlovetska, N. F.
Данькевич, О. С.
Орловецька, Н. Ф.
Орловецкая, Н. Ф.
Keywords: біофармація;мазь;Biopharmaceutics;біофармація
Issue Date: 2018
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Orlovetska, N. F. Improvement of technology and biopharmaceutical research of extemporal ointments / N. F. Orlovetska, O. S. Dankevych // Advances of science: proceedings of articles the international scientific conference, Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary – Ukraine, Kyiv, Septrmber 28, 2018. - Karlovy Vary; Kyiv : MCNIP, 2018. – P. 74-84.
Abstract: The composition of auxiliary substances and technology of combined ointments are theoretically and experimentally substantiated. Biopharmaceutical research determined the influence of auxiliary substances and their concentration on the release of analgin from ointments. Physico-chemical parameters of ointments during storage have determinated.
ISBN: 978-80-7534-078-8
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