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dc.contributor.authorMykhailyk, D. O.-
dc.contributor.authorVyshnevska, L. I.-
dc.contributor.authorМихайлик, Д. O.-
dc.contributor.authorВишневская, Л. И.-
dc.contributor.authorМихайлик, Д. O.-
dc.contributor.authorВишневська, Л. І.-
dc.identifier.citationMykhailyk, D. Research about development of medicinal drugs from white willow bark / D. Mykhailyk, L. I. Vyshnevska // Актуальные проблемы современной медицины и фармации : сб. тез. LXXIII междунар. науч.-практ. конф. студентов и молодых учёных, г. Минск, 17-19 апр. 2019 г. - Минск, 2019. - C. 1540.uk_UA
dc.descriptionHerbal remedies play big sense in the prevention of diseases. No wonder, that absolutely healthy people are not present in our time, most of us are in so-called the third condition - between health and disease, on the verge of failure of adaptive mechanisms, that is, when the body needs an easily corrective action of the plant, normalizes slightly modified functions of the organism. It should be noted that the plants raw materials are a relatively cheaper and affordable source of medicinal products. A special role phytotherapy plays in pediatric practice, because plants act softer and rarely give negative complications. Uncommon side effects can be explained by the fact that "Herbal medicine is a valuable biogenetic complex, which includes active substances-proteins, essential oils, trace elements, vitamins and more." It is believed that such a complex was formed in a living cell, therefore, it has a greater resemblance to the human body than an isolated, chemically pure active substance, therefore it is easier to assimilate and gives less side effects. It is believed that such a complex was formed in a living cell, therefore, it has a greater resemblance to the human body than an isolated, chemically pure active substance, therefore it is easier to assimilate and gives less side effects. Taking into account the above, the object of our study was the willow white (Salix alba). White willow bark contains a large number of biologically active substances: glucose responsible for stress relief, metabolic processes, brain nutrition, flavonoids (about 2% catechins, flavones, flavonols, flavanones) produce antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, glycosides (3%) decrease the level of cholesterol affects the immune processes, tannins (about 12%) have anesthetic, antiinflammatory effect, tannin (11% -12%) produces astringent effect, so the bark helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Biologically active substances in the complex have hemostatic, antiseptic, diuretic action. They expand coronary vessels and reduce the rhythm of the heart, prevent the formation of blood clots, increase bronchial secretion, promote blood coagulation, have the ability to increase the allocation of pancreatic juice, have an antiviral effect. Also Salix alba is used for urogenital system diseases, liver and spleen, bleeding. When applied externally helps with sweating, sore throat, has a bactericidal effect on the oral cavity during rinsing. Drugs of white willow bark are presented in the form of crushed powder (extract), tablets, capsules, tea. In the form of capsules and pills is an extract that is obtained by vacuum extraction.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThere are about 12 thousand plants that have healing properties and are used in both traditional and folk medicine. In this case, medicinal plants are often combined with other techniques of treatment. The use of plants as drugs has come from ancient times and is still playing a significant role in the arsenal of medicines in modern medicine. This is due to some of the benefits of phytotherapy compared with synthetic drugs. The interest in phytotherapy is a cause of changes in the age structure of the population: an increase in the elderly and the elderly who are usually suffering from some diseases that require long-term use of drugs and the risk of development of side effects should be small.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractЄ близько 12 тисяч рослин, які мають цілющі властивості і використовуються в обох традиційна і народна медицина. У цьому випадку лікарські рослини часто поєднуються з іншими методики лікування. Використання рослин як наркотиків прийшло з давніх часів і до цих пір відіграє значну роль в арсеналі лікарських засобів в сучасній медицині. Це пов'язано з деякими перевагами фітотерапії порівняно з синтетичними препаратами. Інтерес до фітотерапії є причиною змін віку Структура населення: збільшення старих і людей похилого віку, які зазвичай страждають від деякі захворювання, які вимагають тривалого застосування препаратів, і ризик розвитку побічних ефектів бути малим.uk_UA
dc.subjectива белаяuk_UA
dc.subjectлекарственный препаратuk_UA
dc.subjectіва білаuk_UA
dc.subjectлікарський препаратuk_UA
dc.subjectwhite willowuk_UA
dc.subjectmedicinal productuk_UA
dc.titleResearch about development of medicinal drugs from white willow barkuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeИсследование о разработке лекарственных препаратов из коры белой ивыuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeДослідження про розробку лікарських препаратів з кори білої вербиuk_UA
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