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Title: Management of innovative activity
Other Titles: Управління інноваційною діяльністю
Управление инновационной деятельностью
Authors: Posilkina, O. V.
Litvinova, O. V.
Посилкіна, О. В.
Літвінова, О. В.
Литвинова, Е. В.
Посылкина, О. В.
Keywords: інновація;инновация;innovation;управління;управление;management;патент;патент;patent
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: НФаУ
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Posilkina, O. V. Management of innovative activity : methodological recommendations for the individual work of foreign students on specialty 8.12020101 “Pharmacy” / O. V. Posilkina, E. V. Litvinova. – Kharkiv : NUPh, 2019. – 23 p.
Abstract: Management of innovative activity as an educational discipline is intended to provide knowledge about effective formation and evaluation of innovative activity of the enterprise within the framework of a market economy, laying the foundations for students to study the organization, planning, functions and means of introducing innovations in the enterprise. It is intended to familiarize with the work of innovative structures of modern organizations and their documentary support. This knowledge helps students to benefit from new and innovative ideas and technological capabilities.
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