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Title: Problems оf Teching оf Sociology in High School: Analysis оf National аnd Foreign Experience
Authors: Ivanova, K.
Filyanina, N. M.
Savchenko, A.
Филянина, Н. Н.
Іванова, К.
Иванова, К.
Філяніна, Н. М.
Савченко, А.
Keywords: sociology;education;high school;sociological education;humanitarian disciplines;specialist;experience
Issue Date: 2017
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Ivanova, K. Problems оf Teching оf Sociology in High School: Analysis оf National аnd Foreign Experience / K. Ivanova, N. M. Filyanina, A. Savchenko // London Review of Education and Science. - 2017. - Vol. XI, № 2 (22). - Imperial College Press, 2017. - P. 580-588.
Abstract: The article is devoted to the problems of teaching of Sociology in high school. It is emphasized on the expediency of teaching of Sociology in universities. The humanitarian component of high education is analyzed. The emphasis is placed on the practicality of knowledge gained by students. The study of sources regulating educational issues and new existing standards is carried out. The attention is paid to the rights of high school in determining of the component of humanitarian disciplines. The role of a teacher in training of a specialist is emphasized. The analysis of research of the problem is made and a place among other humanities is determined. The curricula of the University of the United Kingdom (Edinburgh University, Department of Pharmacology), the United States (Chicago State University College of Pharmacy), Germany and Poland have been studied. The logical scheme of teaching of social and humanitarian disciplines is offered on the basis of optimization of international teaching experience.
ISSN: 1474-846X
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