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Title: The international experience study of organization of medical and pharmaceutical care to the population in emergency situations
Authors: Kotvitska, A. A.
Котвіцька, А. А.
Котвицкая, А. А.
Kubarieva, I. V.
Кубарєва, І. В.
Кубарева, И. В.
Lekhmak, Ia. B.
Karpenko, L. A.
Карпенко, Л. А.
Havrysh, N. B.
Гавриш, Н. Б.
Zhirova, I. V.
Жирова, І. В.
Жирова, И. В.
Keywords: disaster medicine;emergency medical care;emergency medical service;emergency medicine
Issue Date: 2019
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): The international experience study of organization of medical and pharmaceutical care to the population in emergency situations / A. A. Kotvitska [et al.] // Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research. - 2019. - Vol. 9, Issue 3. - P. 7-12.
Abstract: Introduction: One of the types of state social assistance to the population in emergency situations is medical-pharmaceutical c are. A global experience on the management of em ergency medical and pharmaceutical forces for rapid response to emergencies is of considerable interest. Materials and Methods: The research was ba sed upon results of the same developed countries with extensiv e experience namely USA, 8 European countries and 7 Asia-Pacific countries. In our research we used methods of information retrie val, techniques of historical analysis, content analysis, comparison, and generalization. Results and Discussion: The article presen ts a comparative description of the organization of emergency medical services of different countries at the present stage. The stud y of foreign experience has shown that each country has its own charac teristics in the creation of protection systems and rescue of the population in emergencies. Taking into account the experience of accidents and catastrophes consequences liquidation, experts highlight training, early implementation of measures to ensure the material-technical base, communication and interaction betwe en different emergency services, as well as in ternational cooperation. Conclusion: the analysis of foreign literature has shown th at still there is not a single developed system of medical and pharmaceutic al care disaster organization. In different countries this pr oblem is solved differently depending on the organizational structure of health care, the availability of certain public organizations, laws and directives in case of mass disasters.
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