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dc.contributor.authorButko, Ya. A.-
dc.contributor.authorUlanova, V. A.-
dc.contributor.authorTkacheva, O. V.-
dc.contributor.authorMishchenko, O. Ya.-
dc.contributor.authorБутко, Я. О.-
dc.contributor.authorБутко, Я. А.-
dc.contributor.authorУланова, В. А.-
dc.contributor.authorТкачова, О. В.-
dc.contributor.authorТкачева, О. В.-
dc.contributor.authorМіщенко, О. Я.-
dc.contributor.authorМищенко, О. Я.-
dc.identifier.citationHistological evaluation of therapeutic effects of dexpanthenol composition with ceramides in rats with skin burn injury / Ya. A. Butko, V. A. Ulanova, O. V. Tkacheva, O. Ya. Mishchenko // Georgian Medical New. - 2018. - № 4 (282). - С. 134-139.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe objective of our research was histological evaluation of therapeutic effects in case of burn injury in rats. Experiment was conducted on 84 test rats with burn injury of III-A stage. Therapeutical effect of studied medicines was evaluated using histological methods. Results achived gave evidence that on 18-th day of treatment with ceremids cream and dexpanthenol with ceramids cream the level granulation tissue maturing increased by 1,4 and 1,7 times and intensity of burn injury epithelization rose by 1,5 and 1,9 times in comparison with non-treated animals. Therapeutic effect of dexpanthenol with ceramids cream significantly overcome action of «Bepanten» cream. Thus, experiment done proved efficiency of ceramids use in cream composition with dexpanthenol as one of the therapeutic methods aimed at increase of skin burn injury healing activation.uk_UA
dc.subjectburn injuryuk_UA
dc.subjecthealing injuryuk_UA
dc.titleHistological evaluation of therapeutic effects of dexpanthenol composition with ceramides in rats with skin burn injuryuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeГістологічна оцінка терапевтичного впливу композиції декспантенолу з керамідами у щурів з травмою опіку шкіриuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeГистологическая оценка терапевтического действия композиции декспантенола с керамидами у крыс с ожогами кожиuk_UA
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