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Title: Ecological Aspects Of Drugs Use
Authors: Kotvitska, A. A.
Котвицкая, А. А.
Котвіцька, А. А.
Kononenko, N. M.
Кононенко, Н. М.
Кононенко, Н. Н.
Yeromenko, R. F.
Еременко, Р. Ф.
Єрьоменко, Р. Ф.
Keywords: ecology;pollution;utilization;drugs
Issue Date: 2019
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Kotvitska, A. A. Ecological Aspects Of Drugs Use / A. A. Kotvitska, N. М. Kononenko, R. F. Yeromenko // „Smart Bio“ : 3rd International Conference, Kaunas (Lithuania), May 02-04, 2019. - Kaunas, 2019. - С. 272.
Abstract: Drugs are an integral component of medical practice. Their application ensures the preservation of the health of the population and, consequently, leads to increase the quality of life and longevity.
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Наукові публікації А. А. Котвіцької

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