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Title: Clinical manifestations of face skin demodecosis and therapy methods
Authors: Konovalenko, I. S.
Коноваленко, І. С.
Коноваленко, И. С.
Jamalova, А.
Джамалова, А.
Keywords: demodecosis;clinical treatment;drug development
Issue Date: 2019
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Konovalenko, I. S. Clinical manifestations of face skin demodecosis and therapy methods / I. S. Konovalenko, A. Jamalova // Актуальні питання клінічної фармакології та клінічної фармації : матеріали наук.-практ. Internet-конф., м. Харків, 22-23 жовт. 2019 р. – Харків : НФаУ, 2019. – С. 21-26.
Abstract: Purpose. Analyze and summarize scientific literature data on the etiology, pathogenesis and pharmacotherapy of dermatological diseases complicated by tick-demicides. Materials and methods. The following materials were used as materials for the study: National List of Drugs Registered on the Territory of Ukraine, Compendium of 2018 (ed. V. N. Kovalenko) and literary sources of scientific and scientific journals. Results. Using data from the scientific literature and clinical protocols for the treatment of complications caused by demodicosis, methods of treatment (anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic therapy and the use of agents that reduce sebum secretion) to be used in the development of a drug for the treatment of demodicosis of the facial skin were studied. Conclusions. Studies have shown the relevance of the creation of a new drug for the treatment of complications caused by demodicosis of the skin.
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