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Title: Biological active substances of leaves of Catalpa bignonioides from Ukraine
Authors: Demeshko, О. V.
Krivoruchko, O. V.
Volochai, V. I.
Kovalev, V. V.
Демешко, О. В.
Криворучко, О. В.
Криворучко, Е. В.
Волочай, В. И.
Волочай, В. І.
Ковальов, В. В.
Ковалев, В. В.
Keywords: BIOLOGICAL ACTIVE SUBSTANCES;Catalpa bignonioides;АФІ;АФИ;катальпа
Issue Date: 2019
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Biological active substances of leaves of Catalpa bignonioides from Ukraine / О. V. Demeshko, O. V. Krivoruchko, V. I. Volochai,V. V. Kovalev // Actual problems of Chemistry, Biology and Technology of Natural Compounds : XIII International Symposium. - Shanghai, 2019. - P. 85.
Abstract: The Catalpa genus includes 11 species and belongs to Bignoniaceae family. The most widespread species are Catalpa bignonioides, Catalpa speciosa and Catalpa ovate. The aim of this study was to determine the qualitative and quantitative amino acids, phenolic compounds, macro and microelements composition in the leaves of Catalpa bignonioides from Ukraine.
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