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Title: The condition of the reproductive system of the mature females offspring born to mothers with placental insufficiency
Other Titles: Стан репродуктивної системи статевозрілих самиць нащадків, народжених від матерів з фетоплацентарною недостатністю
Authors: Seliukova, N. Yu.
Volokhov, I. B.
Boiko, M. O.
Zemlianskyi, A. O.
Zalubovskaya, Е. I.
Селюкова, Н. Ю.
Волохов, І. В.
Бойко, М. О.
Землянський, А. О.
Залюбовська, О. І.
Селюкова, Н. Ю.
Волохов, И. В.
Бойко, М. О.
Землянский, А. А.
Залюбовская, Е. И.
Keywords: fetoplacental insufficiency;young and mature mothers;female offspring;reproductive system
Issue Date: 2020
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): The condition of the reproductive system of the mature females offspring born to mothers with placental insufficiency / N. Yu. Seliukova, I. B. Volokhov, M. O. Boiko, A. O. Zemlianskyi Е. I. Zalubovskaya // Проблеми ендокринної патології. – 2020. – № 1. – С. 119-125.
Abstract: Embryonic period is the first crucial period of female reproductive system developing. Specifically, at this period egg cells of future woman start forming in her mother's uterine and continue developing up to the moment when mature egg cell merges with sperm cell forming zygote. The connection between mother's organism and fetus during pregnancy depends on placenta condition; the fetoplacental complex is the functional system which provides essential conditions for fetal developing. The disturbances of this complex may cause fetoplacental insufficiency (FPI). Placental structure and functioning may be adapted to different external stressors. In case of failed adaptation or abnormal placental maturating the healthy child birth is under threat and may cause a developing of adult’s diseases in future. These days, the number of reproductive-aged women giving birth at later age is growing. This fact influences on the fertilization, pregnancy, delivery, developing and child functioning. The purpose of this investigation was the studying of the influence of FPI long-term consequences on the reproductive system functioning of mature female offspring born to different-aged mothers. Materials. The healthy, mature rat's females-mothers Vistar line, young and mature reproductive age have been used in the investigation. With the aim to receive the offspring, four experimental groups of animals have been formed. The firs and the second group were performed by intact animals of relevant age. Rat’s females with experimental FPI of young and mature reproductive age have been united into third and fourth groups accordingly. The modeling of FPI has been carried out by daily subcutaneous introduction of 50 % tetrachloromethane oil solution in dose of 2 ml/kg of body weight to females from 12 to 18 day of pregnancy. After offspring birth the reproductive function of rat’s females in the age of 3 months has been researched. Results. Under the influence of experimental fetoplacental insufficiency and higher testosterone level, the decreasing of ovaries mass and number of follicles have been observed in female offspring born to mothers of young reproductive age. On the contrary, ovaries mass and number of follicles in female offspring born to mothers of mature reproductive age with FPI and high testosterone level haven’t changed compared to intact group. Although, estrus cycles duration and structure haven’t changed under the condition of FPI in both age groups, there were offspring with irregular estrus cycles. These changes in the reproductive system of female offspring may lead to endocrine infertility as well as other reproductive disorders.
ISSN: ISSN 2518-1432 (Online); ISSN 2227-4782 (Print)
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