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Title: Phytochemical and psychotropic research of Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca L.) modified dry extracts
Authors: Ilina, T. V.
Кошовий, О. М.
Ільїна, Т. В.
Кіреєв, І. В.
Романенко, Є. В.
Кошевой, О. Н.
Киреев, И. В.
Ильина, Т. В.
Рааль, Айн
Koshoviy, O. M.
Kireyev, I. V.
Raal, Ain
Romanenko, Ye. V.
Tryshchuk, N. M.
Kovalenko, S. M.
Bunyatyan, N. D.
Романенко, Е. В.
Трищук, Н. М.
Коваленко, С. Н.
Бунятян, Н. Д.
Трищук, Н. М.
Коваленко, С. М.
Бунятян, Н. Д.
Keywords: Leonurus cardiaca L.;tincture;dry extract;modification;amino acid;biological active substances;psychotropic activity
Issue Date: 2021
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Phytochemical and psychotropic research of Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca L.) modified dry extracts / O. M. Koshovyi [et al.] // Plants. - 2021. - Vol. 10. - Р. 230-247.
Abstract: The prospect of creating a new medicine with psychotropic activity is shown as a result of studying the chemical composition and pharmacological activity of modified dry extracts of motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca L.) tincture. The most promising substances were the dry extracts, modified by adding small amounts of arginine, valine, phenylalanine, glycine, lysine, and alanine. A total of 15 main phenolic substances were found in the extracts, and eight of them were identified. There were also 10 hydroxycinnamic acids in these extracts, three of which were identified (chlorogenic, caffeic, and rosmarinic acids). The dominant hydroxycinnamic acids were chlorogenic and caffeic acids. Among flavonoids, catechin, hyperoside, and rutin were identified. It should be noted that the extracts had a significant content of ellagic acid. On the basis of the results of the phytochemical analysis of the extracts, it can be concluded that the composition of phenolic compounds does not differ significantly, and the main differences are related to amino acids, which obviously have an impact on the overall pharmacological effect. The results obtained indicate the presence of anxiolytic activity in the motherwort extracts studied in complex with amino acids. The extracts with glycine, valine, and arginine were more effective in reducing anxiety in animals.
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