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Title: English Proficiency for Physiotherapy Students
Authors: Budanova, L. G.
Журкіна, С. В.
Коляда, І. В.
Zhurkina, S. V.
Kolyada, I. V.
Буданова, Л. Г.
Keywords: English;physiotherapy;proficiency
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: НФаУ
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Budanova, L. G. English Proficiency for Physiotherapy Students : the textbook for applicants for higher education / L. G. Budanova, S. V. Zhurkina, I. V. Kolyada. – Kharkiv : NUPh, 2021. – 98 p.
Abstract: The textbook provides materials aimed to develop lexical, grammar and speaking skills in accordance with the work program "Foreign Language in Proficiency " for applicants for higher education of pharmaceutical universities at B2-C1 level. The manual consists of 9 units and contains lexical exercises, texts and speaking activities in such topics as “Physiotherapy and Its Main Branches”, “In a Physiotherapist Office”, “Physiotherapy-Related Professions”, “Parts of The Body, Body Cavities”, “The Musculoskeletal System”, “Modern Hospitals”, “Balneotherapy”, “Kinesitherapy”, and “Manual Therapy”. “English Proficiency for Physiotherapy Students” includes theoretical materials and exercises on the main topics of English grammar. The textbook is intended for classroom and individual work while studying the discipline "Foreign Language in Proficiency". It can appear helpful for scientists and teachers in their professional activities.
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