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Title: Development of the method for determining Methandienone in Toxicology and doping-analysis
Authors: Sych, I. V.
Bevz, O. V.
Sych, I. A.
Shaposhnyk, A. M.
Zarubina, M. V.
Kryvanych, O. V.
Bereznyakova, N. L.
Taran, S. G.
Perekhoda, L. O.
Keywords: methandienone;doping;toxicology analysis;gas chromatography;pharmaceutical analysis
Issue Date: 2021
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Development of the method for determining Methandienone in Toxicology and doping-analysis / I. V. Sych, O. V. Bevz, I. A Sych [et al.] // Research J. Pharm. and Tech. – 2021. – № 14. – P. 5169–5174.
Abstract: Anabolic-androgenic steroids are ones of the most frequently detected drugs in amateur and professional sports. Doping control laboratories have developed numerous assays enabling the determination of administered drugs. However, it is relevant today to improve detection methods that are accurate, fast and require small amounts of reagents. The identification and quantification of methandienone from body fluids has been insufficiently developed. The gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method for the determination of methandienone traces in body fluids was developed and validated in the toxicology laboratory in order to control a non-medical use of an anabolic steroid-methandienone. Extracting procedures were optimized in order to obtain entire amount of the drug and methandienone and its metabolites were determined by sensitive and specific reactions for the compound identification, as well as the system for carrying out the TLC method have been proposed, and conditions for identifying a test sample from the biomaterial by IR spectrophotometry have been selected. The GC-MS method is found to be simple, fast, sensitive, and the strategy proposed can be effortlessly and advantageously applied for the routine analysis of biological fluids for determining methandienone and its metabolites at a level less than 30 ng in toxicology and doping-analysis.
ISSN: 0974-360X
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