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Title: A study of surface water pollution with azithromycin in Ukraine
Authors: Єрьоміна, Г. О.
Yeromina, H. O.
Ieromina, Z. G.
Єрьоміна, З. Г.
Fedosov, A. I.
Федосов, А. І.
Vislous, O. O.
Віслоус, О. О.
Suleiman, M. M.
Сулейман, М. М.
Upyr, T. V.
Упир, Т. В.
Сич, І. А.
Sych, I. A.
Перехода, Л. О.
Perekhoda, L. O.
Keywords: pollutants;antibiotic resistance;thin-layer chromatography;surface water;PEC;PNEC;EMA
Issue Date: 2022
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): A study of surface water pollution with azithromycin in Ukraine [Електронний ресурс] / H. Yeromina, Z. Ieromina, A. Fedosov [et al.] // Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica. – 2022. – Режим доступу до ресурсу:
Abstract: Water pollution with antibiotics plays a key role in the formation and spread of antibiot- ic resistance, which threatens humanity and the environment as a whole. The purpose of our work was to develop a method for determining azithromycin in wastewater and surface water using the thin-layer chromatography method.
Description: Using conventional analytical scales and universal chromatography in thin layers of a sorbent, it is possible to identify azithromycin with a water concentration of ≥30 μg/mL without complex and expensive equipment, such as HPLC or LC/MS/MS. The results showed that the concentration of azithromycin is less than 30 μg/mL.
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