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Title: Analysis of the state of the supply of ukrainian population with chondroprotective medications
Authors: Nazarkina, V. M.
Nemchenko, A. S.
Lebedyn, A. M.
Podkolzina, M. V.
Keywords: marketing analysis of chondroprotective medications.;osteoarthrosis, , , , ,;arthrosis;locomotor system;chondroprotectors;glucosamine;chondroitin sulfate
Issue Date: 2020
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Analysis of the state of the supply of ukrainian population with chondroprotective medications / A. S. Nemchenko, V. M. Nazarkina, A. M. Lebedyn, M. V. Podkolzina // International Academy Journal Web of Scholar. - 2020. - № 1 (43). - Р. 43-50. doi : 10.31435/rsglobal_wos/31012020/6886
Abstract: Conduct systematic analysis of the state of the supply of Ukraine with medications with chondroprotective activity. The Unified Clinical Protocol of Primary, Secondary (specialized) Medical Care allows doctors to control the state of a patient at every stage of illness and guarantees the effective treatment and prophylaxis of the locomotor system (LMS) pathologies. As a result of the chondroprotective medication range analysis it was determined that the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine is represented by 40 trade names of medications. The top market share of chondroprotective medications in Ukrainian market belongs to the foreign producers (52.5%), while domestic medications occupy 47.5%. In general the nomenclature of Ukrainian medications is provided by 6 manufacturing companies. Three pharmaceutical companies are the leaders producing 5 names of medications each (12.5% each): Pharmaceutical company “Zdorovye” (Kharkiv), PrJSC “Fitofarm” (Bakhmut, formerly Artemivsk, Donetsk region), JSC “Farmak” (Kyiv). Out of 40 trade names the medications are mainly produced: as coated tablets – 12 medications (30%), as solutions for injections – 11 items (27.5%), as capsules – 7 (17.5%), as soft dosage forms – 6 medicines (15%), and powders for oral administration – 4 items (10%).
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