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Title: Carboxylic Acids from Sorbus aucuparia and S. aria
Authors: Krivoruchko, E. V.
Andrushchenko, O. A.
Kononenko, A. V.
Криворучко, Е. В.
Андрущенко, О. А.
Кононенко, А. В.
Keywords: aria;rowan;carboxylic acids;methylation;fatty acids;citric acid;oxalic acid
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Springer
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Krivoruchko, E. V. Carboxylic acids from Sorbus aucuparia and S. aria / E. V. Krivoruchko, O. A. Andrushchenko, A. V. Kononenko // Chemistry of Natural Compounds. – Vol. 49, №4. – P. 742–743.
Abstract: The article offers information on a study conducted by the authors related to carboxylic acids of sorbus aucuparia and sorbus aria. It states that dried material obtained from the plant was treated with a methylating agent. It highlights that 17 out of 27 carboxylic acids found in the plant were fatty acids and two were aromatic acids. It highlights that the acid which was found the most was citric acid followed by oxalic acid.
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