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Title: Biopharmaceutical and Physicochemical Study of Substance and Suppositories with Tamsulosin Hydrochloride
Authors: Gritsenko, V. I.
Ruban, O. A.
Kovalevska, I. V.
Pulyaev, D. C.
Гриценко, В. И.
Рубан, Е. А.
Ковалевская, И. В.
Пуляев, Д. С.
Гриценко, В. І.
Рубан, О. А.
Ковалевська, І. В.
Пуляєв, Д. С.
Keywords: tamsulosin hydrochloride;suppositories;physicochemical properties;biopharmacy;супозиторії;біофармація;суппозитории;биофармация
Issue Date: 2013
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Grytsenko, V. Biopharmaceutical and Physicochemical Study of Substance and Suppositories with Tamsulosin Hydrochloride/ V. Grytsenko, O. Ruban, I. Kovalevska, D. Pulyaev // Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences (RJPBCS). – 2013. - № 4. – С. 683- 689.
Abstract: The advisability to use tamsulozin hydrochloride to treat for prostate hyperplasia is presented in the article. For the purpose to choose the rational composition and technology to produce suppositories it has been determined the form and size of tamsulozin hydrochloride particles and also defined fraction composition of the powder by means of microscopy method. Biopharmaceutical researches of tamsulozin hydrochloride release out of the suppositories were made on the basis of firm fat by means of dialysis through semipenetrate membrane depending on working substance fraction composition
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