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Title: Terpenoids and aromatic compounds from essential oils of Cruciata laevipes and C. glabra
Authors: Il’ina, T. V.
Kovaleva, A. M.
Goryachaya, O. V.
Vinogradov, B. A.
Ильина, Т. В.
Ковалева, А. M.
Горячая, О. В.
Виноградов, В. А.
Ільїна, Т. В.
Ковальова, А. М.
Горяча, О. В.
Keywords: cruciata;terpenoids;aromatic compounds
Issue Date: 2013
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Terpenoids and aromatic compounds from essential oils of Cruciata laevipes and C. glabra / T. V. Il’ina, A.M. Kovaleva, O. V. Goryachaya, B. A. Vinogradov // Chemistry of Natural compounds. – Vol. 48, № 6. – 2013. – P. 1106 – 1107.
Abstract: In continuation of the study of representatives of the family Rubiaceae, we investigated the composition of essential oils of herb two species of the genus CruciataMill. These were C. laevipesOpiz. (or Galium cruciataScop.) and C. glabra (L.) Ehrend. (or Galium vernumScop.). The dominant terpenes in essential oil of C. glabrawere caryophyllene oxide (2.58%) and squalene (9.58%). Air-dried herb of C. laevipescontained 0.46% essential oil in which 61 compounds were detected. These included 25 terpenoids, 4 aromatic compounds, 20 higher hydrocarbons, 6 alcohols, 4 aldehydes, and two fatty acid esters. The dominant terpenoids in C. laevipesessential oil were borneol (26.50%) and verbenone (7.92%). The common compounds for C. glabraand C. laevipeswere phenylacetaldehyde, borneol, -terpineol, geraniol, eugenol, hexahydrofarnesylacetone, squalene, ethyllinoleate, ethyllinolenate, and several saturated hydrocarbons. The compositions of these essential oils were studied for the first time.
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