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Title: Technological characteristics research of aerial parts of yellow bedstraw
Authors: Proskochilo, A. V.
Demianenko, V. G.
Demianenko, D. V.
Breusova, S. V.
Проскочило, А. В.
Демьяненко, В. Г.
Демьяненко, Д. В.
Бреусова, С. В.
Keywords: yellow bedstraw (Galium verum L.);technological characteristics;fractional composition;bulk density;flowability;желтый подмаренник;технологические характеристики;фракционный состав;объемная плотность;об'ємна щільність;фракційний склад;технологічні характеристики;жовтий підмаренник
Issue Date: 2014
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Proskochilo, V. G. Technological characteristics research of aerial parts of yellow bedstraw / A. V. Proskochilo, V. G. Demianenko, D. V. Demianenko, S. V. Breusova // Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research. - 2014. - № 6(2). - С. 765-771.
Abstract: The research of technological characteristics of yellow bedstraw materials has been conducted. The main technological parameters of the plant product have been determined and their interconnection with different technological processes has been established. The obtained results have been used to develop the hardware design technology of herbal medicine produced from the aerial parts of yellow bedstraw.
ISSN: 0975-7384
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