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Title: Amino-acid composition of subgenus Artimisia Herbs
Other Titles: Аміно-кислотний склад підроду трави Artimisia
Амино-кислотный состав подрода травы Artimisia
Authors: Ochkur, A. V.
Kovaleva, A. M.
Kolesnik, Ya. S.
Очкур, А. В.
Очкур, О. В.
Ковальова, А. М.
Ковалева, А. М.
Колесник, Я. С.
Колісник, Я. С.
Keywords: Artemisia;Amino-Acid Composition;амино-кислотный состав;аміно-кислотний склад
Issue Date: 2013
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Ochkur, A. V. Amino-acid composition of subgenus Artimisia Herbs / A. V. Ochkur, A. M. Kovaleva, Ya. S.Kolesnik // Chemistry of Natural Compounds – 2013. – Vol. 49, № 3. – P. 589 – 591.
Abstract: The genus Artemisia L. (Asteraceae) is represented by 24 species in the flora of Ukraine. Of these, 11 belong to the subgenus Artemisia Less.; 8, to the subgenus Dracunculus Bess.; and 5, to the subgenus Seriphidium Rouy. Biologically active compounds include constituents of essential oils, flavonoids, coumarins, phenolic carboxylic acids, lignans, sesquiterpene lactones, diterpenes, and alkaloids. These have been studied in many species of Artemisia [1]. We established previously features of the constituent composition of essential oils of subgenus Artemisia herbs growing in Ukraine and identified the chemical varieties A. absinthium L., A. vulgaris L., and A. austriaca Jacq., which did not contain thujane derivatives [2,3]. The goal of the present work was to study the quantitative amino-acid (AA) compositions of the herbs of A. vulgaris L., A. abrotanum L., A. annua L., A. absinthium L., and A. austriaca Jacq. collected during flowering in summer 2011 in Lugansk and Kharkov District
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