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Title: Sample Size Calculation Procedure for Planned Studies and Its Program Implementation
Authors: Lytvynenko, Y. Y.
Nessonova, M. M.
Литвиненко, Е. Ю.
Литвиненко, Є. Ю.
Нессонова, М. М.
Нессонова, М. Н.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: NUPh
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Lytvynenko, Y. Y. Sample size calculation procedure for planned studies and its program implementation / Y. Y. Lytvynenko, M. N. Nessonova // Topical issue of new drugs development, 21 april, 2016, Kharkiv. - Kharkiv : NUPh, 2016. Vol. 2. - С. 277-278.
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