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Название: The level antimicrobial activity of preservatives hepatoprotective agent “Oleosil”
Авторы: Вишневська, Л. І.
Набока, О. І.
Половко, Н. П.
Крижна, С. І.
Вишневская, Л. И.
Набока, О. И.
Половко, Н. П.
Крижная, С. И.
Vishnevska, L. I.
Naboka, O. I.
Polovko, N. P.
Kryzhna, S. I.
Ключевые слова: сироп;гепатопротектор "Олеосіл";комбінований засіб захисту;рослинний компонент;сиро;гепатопротектор "Олеосил";комбинированное средство защиты;растительный компонент;syrup;hepatoprotective "Oleosil";combined remedy based;vegetable component
Дата публикации: 2018
Библиографическое описание: The level antimicrobial activity of preservatives hepatoprotective agent “Oleosil” / L. I. Vishnevska, O. I. Naboka, N. P. Polovko, S. I. Kryzhna // Advanced research biobank and pathophysiology. - 2018. - № 1 (1). - P. 21-24.
Краткий осмотр (реферат): The prevalence of the pathology of the hepatobiliary system in Ukraine, as in the world as a whole, has no tendency to decrease, and complications are often extremely dangerous and mortally threatening the patient's life. According to the State Statistical Service, hepatobiliary diseases occupy 3rd place in the structure of the morbidity of the population of Ukraine [5]. Therefore, the problem of improving the quality of treatment and prevention of diseases of the hepatobiliary system, first of all, hepatitis - is one of the most urgent in the pharmacy. Drugs that detect hepatoprotective, choleretic, anti-inflammatory and applied in diseases of the hepatobiliary system contain medicinal plants, which according to established views are multifaceted and highly safe [7, 9]. A promising object is a new combined plant on the basis of vegetable components Oleosil (created in NFaU) containing wild carrot seeds, chamomile flowers, columns with corn receptacles, thistle oil ['1, 3]. The raw materials are rich in phenolic compounds (flavonoids, hydroxycinnamic acids, coumarins), vitamins, minerals [4]. lmportant is the fact that all components are spread in Ukraine and are available for use. When developing the composition of syrup, one of the main tasks is to minimize the inherent disadvantage of this dosage form - instability when stored and used after opening the package. The auxiliary substances of this dosage form are an enabling environment for the reproduction of microorganisms and microbial contamination during use. Solutions of sweeteners are able to provide a high degree of microbiological purity, but the addition of phytocomposites to syrups leads to a dilution of the concentration of sugars and a decrease in their antimicrobial activity, so in each case it is necessary to conduct research to ensure their microbiological purity [9]. Therefore, the purpose of this work was to determine the optimal concentration of preservative (nipagin, nipazole, ethanol, potassium sorbate, benzoic acid) and its antimicrobial activity for hepatoprotective agent "Oleosil".
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