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Title: Workbook for Pharmacy-based Technology of Drugs
Authors: Yarnykh, T. G.
Ярных, Т. Г.
Ярних, Т. Г.
Тихонов, О. І.
Тихонов, А. И.
Tikhonov, O. I.
Рухмакова, О. А.
Rukhmakova, O. A.
Левачкова, Ю. В.
Levachkova, Yu. V.
Буряк, М. В.
Buryak, M. V.
Kovalev, V. V.
Ковалев, В. В.
Ковальов, В. В.
Keywords: workbook;pharmacy-based technology of drugs
Issue Date: 2018
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Workbook for Pharmacy-based Technology of Drugs : a tutorial for the 3-rd year English-speaking applicants of higher education of "'Pharmacy" specialty / T. G. Yarnykh [et. al.]. - Kh. : NUPh, 2018. - 149 p.
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