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Title: Quality assurance review for rosiglotazone
Authors: Fayoumi, H. A.
Kovalenko, S. S.
Файуми, Х. А.
Коваленко, С. С.
Файумі, Х. А.
Коваленко, С. С.
Keywords: rosiglitazone;росиглитазон;розиглітазон
Issue Date: 2014
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Fayoumi, H. A. Quality assurance review for rosiglotazone / H. A. Fayoumi, S. S. Kovalenko // Actual Questions Of Development оf New Drugs : Abstracts оf XX International Scientifi c And Practical Conference Of Young Scientists And Student, April 22-23, 2014, Kharkiv. – Kh. : NUPh, 2014. – P. 293.
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