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Title: Synthesis of 3-hydroxyindoline-2-ones
Authors: Grygoriv, G. V.
Redkin, R. G.
Syumka, E. I.
Shemchuk, L. A.
Chernykh, V. P.
Григорів, Г. В.
Григорив, Г. В.
Редькин, Р. Г.
Редькін, Р. Г.
Сюмка, Е. І.
Шемчук, Л. А.
Черних, В. П.
Черных, В. П.
Keywords: Synthesis;синтез;3-hydroxyindoline-2-ones
Issue Date: 2015
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Synthesis of 3-hydroxyindoline-2-ones / G. V. Grygoriv, R. G. Redkin, E. I. Syumka, L. A. Shemchuk, V. P. Chernykh // Topical issues of new drugs development: Abstracts оf International Scientific And Practical Conference Of Young Scientists And Student, April 23, 2015, Kharkiv. – Kh.: NUPh, 2015. - P. 16.
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