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Title: Pharmacoeconomics. A self-study practice book for training stu-dents of speciality 8.110201 “Pharmacy”
Authors: Iakovlieva, L. V.
Mishchenko, O. Ya.
Gerasymova, O. O.
Яковлева, Л. В.
Яковлєва, Л. В.
Мищенко, О. Я.
Міщенко, О. Я.
Герасимова, О. О.
Герасимова, О. А.
Issue Date: 2015
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Iakovlieva, L. V. Pharmacoeconomics : a self-study practice book for training stu-dents of speciality 8.110201 “Pharmacy” / Iakovlieva L. V., Mischenko O. Ya., Gerasymova O. O. – Kharkiv : NUPh, 2015. – 94 p.
Abstract: The self-study practice book is intended for training students of speciality 8.110201 “Pharmacy” while studying of pharmacoeconomics discipline. It contains theoretical questions, short information, the tasks for self-training, the tasks for classes, the control tests on each topic and glossary. The practice book is recommended for students of pharmaceutical higher schools and pharmaceutical faculties of higher educational institutions of the III-IV accreditation levels.
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