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Title: A study of antimicrobial activity of foam-washing agent apecimiens at pH vaiuea
Authors: Strilets, O. P.
Петровська, Л. С.
Баранова, І. І.
Безпала, Ю. О.
Стрилец, О. П.
Петровская, Л. С.
Баранова, И. И.
Беспалая, Ю. А.
Стрілець, О. П.
Petrovska, L. S.
Baranova, I. I.
Bezpala, Yu. O.
Keywords: biological researches;preservative;antimicrobial activity;foam- washing agent;рН value;біологічні дослідження;консервант;антимікробна активність;піноутворювач;рН значення;биологических исследований;консервант;противомикробная активность;пенообразователь;значение рН
Issue Date: 2017
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): A study of antimicrobial activity of foam-washing agent apecimiens at pH vaiuea / O. Strilez, L. Petrovska, I. Baranova, Y. Bezpala // Annals of Mechnikov`s Institute. - 2017. - № 2. - Р. 49-53.
Abstract: It is well-known that any parapharmaceutical substance, in particular, foam-washing agents comprising water in combination with detergents, extracts, water-soluble vitamins, viscosity regulators, pH, etc., is the ideal environment for microbial growth. Therefore, it is indispensable to use preservatives to protect any foam-washing agent from possible contamination by microorganisms. Their main advantages are: presence of a single antimicrobial and antifungal effect, expanded range of effects, decrease in the risk of resistance of microorganisms and decrease in the toxicity and concentration of the preserving mixture. In this regard, the shelf life of parapharmaceutical substances is not provided through the use of large quantities of preservatives, but thanks to their rational combination.
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