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Title: Hypericum Perforatum L. major application in medicine
Authors: Gaponenko, V.
Levashova, O.
Keywords: Hypericum perforatum l. Major;medicinal plants;dry extract
Issue Date: 2015
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Gaponenko, V. P. Hypericum perforatum L. major application in medicine / V. P. Gaponenko, O. L. Levashova // Perspective trends in scientific research : materials international scientific and practical conference, 17-22 Oct., Bratislava. – 2015. – Vol. 2. – P. 106-107.
Abstract: St. John's wort (Hypericumperforatum L.) is one of the medicinal plants thatwas traditionally used in herbal medicinefor the treatment of many pathological processes. Drugs based on biologically active substances of Hypericum perforatumare included in the Pharmacopoeia of many countries. They are used as diuretics for the inflammatory processes treatment in gastroenterology and proctology.In Bulgaria, for example, the catechins-based drug “Peflavitum” possesses P-vitamin activity and reduces the permeability of blood vessels, in the Czech Republic the drug “Floristum”is produced for the treatment of inflammatory processes in gynecology.
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