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Title: Development of technology and studying of syrup with Acorus Calamus rhizome extract
Authors: Karpenko, L. A.
Demianenko, V. H.
Sichkar, A. A.
Карпенко, Л. А.
Дем'яненко, В. Г.
Демьяненко, В. Г.
Січкар, А. А.
Сичкарь, А. А.
Keywords: Acorus Calamus rhizome;extraction;percolation;particles size;extractant;syrup
Issue Date: 2016
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Karpenko, L. A. Development of technology and studying of syrup with Acorus Calamus rhizome extract / L. A. Karpenko, V. H. Demianenko, А. А. Sichkar // Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research. - 2016. - № 8(9). - P. 218-222.
Abstract: This article includes the description of obtaining of Acorus Calamus rhizome extract by the percolation method and the formulation of this extract in the syrup as a pharmaceutical dosage form. The percolation rate was 0.8 ml/min. The extraction of raw materials fraction with a particles size 0.25-3 mm has been investigated. It was found that the using of 50% ethanol as the extractant maximizes raw material exhaustion at a ratio of raw material: extractant 1 : 6. The results of the syrup development with the Acorus Calamus extract have been shown that the optimal base was sugar syrup. Such physical-chemical data as description, density, identification of the syrup have been determined.
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