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Title: The element composition study of cattail fruits
Authors: Dovgal, E. A.
Довгаль, Е. А.
Dababneh, M. F.
Kyslychenko, V. S.
Кисличенко, В. С.
Gurieva, I. G.
Гурьева, И. Г.
Гур'єва, І. Г.
Журавель, И. А.
Zhuravel, I. A.
Журавель, І. О.
Keywords: cattail;mineral elements;atom-emission spectroscopy
Issue Date: 2016
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): The element composition study of cattail fruits / E. A. Dovgal, M. F. Dababneh, V. S. Kyslychenko, I. V. Gurieva, I. O. Zhuravel // Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research. - 2016. - №8(9). - P. 167-168.
Abstract: The element composition of cattail fruits was studied by the atom-emission spectroscopy method. The presence and content of 19 elements was determined. Potassium, silicon, calcium and sodium dominated among the mineral elements.
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